Moving On

Hey guys! “Moving on” is a bit of a misdirection … I’m going to keep blogging, if not blogging more. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve created a full website! I want to get out there and be more known, as well as push myself to be a better write and traveler. … More Moving On

Exploring Oslo

After leaving Stockholm to spend a few days with my distant Swedish relatives in Karlstad, I boarded a train for my final European stop to Oslo. Thick forests of trees surrounded the train as it passed from the Swedish countryside into the Norwegian. Our train stopped in some small town a few miles outside of … More Exploring Oslo

Stockholm Syndrome

Ok … so it’s been almost five months now since I went to Stockholm. I debated whether or not I’d post anything about my Nordic trip. At first, it made me a bit sad because now I am back at home and I can’t travel like I used to. Then a few months later, I … More Stockholm Syndrome